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the System Is Seamless, Very User-friendly and Low Maintenance

“the System Is Seamless, Very User-friendly and Low Maintenance.”

-David Vidmar, Microsoft

Effortless Installation. Eco-friendly. Enhanced Productivity.

Joan's Features

  • Effortless Installation

    Absolutely no drilling and no mess. All you need is Joan’s easy-stick magnet. It’s installed and fully operational in mere minutes after unboxing.

  • Easy Connectivity

    Joan communicates with the calendar you already use and connects to your existing Wi-Fi network. No need to build and connect anything else.

  • Extreme Power Efficiency

    Joan needs to be charged once every couple of months. It uses 99% less power than an LCD.

  • Easy Integration

    Joan is able to connect with the calendar you are currently using and your Wi-Fi network, making the transfer process simple and easy.

Joan is Versatile

  • Joan is Versatile
  • Joan is Versatile
  • Joan is Versatile

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Joan helps organizations be more productive by making room reservations easier and showing space usability. The 6” device attaches to any surface using a magnet and integrates with existing calendars and Wi-Fi.

The Joan MANAGER i the perfect choice for a dynamic, digitally-advanced office. Book meeting rooms remotely or on the spot on an interactive touch screen. Know your room data. Receive key room insights that help you improve the way you work.

What You’ll Get: 6" Wireless Device, A Quick Start Guide, Micro USB Cable, Access to Joan Dashboard, & Easy-Stick Magnet
Warranty: standard one year warranty
Shipping: we offer free shipping
Return Policy: returns taken within 30 days of delivery, with a full refund.


Long gone are the days of having to search for an available meeting room. With this convenient electronic conference room scheduler, no one misses out because Joan makes sure everyone is able to schedule the time they need when they need it. Conflict is eliminated, productivity increases and the workplace climate is more pleasant.

The process is easy, to display your meeting room status simply:
1. Connect your office calendar to the meeting room booking system
2. Schedule your next meeting or upcoming meetings
3. It’s that simple


Joan is a next generation room booking device developed especially for room signage. An E Ink® e-paper display powered by advanced Visionect technology, it is the product of years of research and development in energy efficient signage. Joan is a perfect sign with 180° viewing angle, great visibility and no glare, even in direct sunlight.

Create better meetings. A more productive office. And a happier workplace. Joan resolves hectic meetings seamlessly. It connects to existing calendars and Wi-Fi. Display room reservations and book rooms on the spot. From your Mac or PC and from any mobile device. Organizing busy office life is as easy as a touch of a screen.

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